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High School

Stacey Anderson

Stacey S, Anderson Fifth Grade Teacher/Music Teacher   ​​​​​​​ Love summer Graduated from NE Wesleyan University Teaching for 25 years   Check out my website!

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Hey check this out!

This is great!

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Boys and Their Heroes

Memorial stadium in September

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We win districts

Yay! Last minute shot.  Good job boys!

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Check this out!

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We won!

We are the Champs!

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Test with ESU 16

New flyer for Spring training  Deadline is Friday. vevhveh

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gerg Deadline

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before prom


This is what is going on today. Deadline is Friday at noon. Education Quest Foundation Unknown Scholarship- www.werierdscholar.org See me FRiday! Septermber 2017 Feb Newsletter local NE schoarlshp . . .

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Test Quick Post

Love this app!

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This is cool 

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Nov test

This is cool!

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Test with Prairie Home, MO

This is what is going on today. Assignment 1 Marionville MO Graduation requirements Contact me for more information. hjfyfj  

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Scholarship Info

;fje  jiief a;f sc njewifj

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This is what we did today.

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Scholarships for December

These are the new scholarships for Dec. Come see me by Friday by noon. Watch Deadline. October Newsletter  

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May Scholarships

These are the things we did today. Stop by at noon today. Contact Stacey for more information. Sept newsletter    

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Test with Marshall

Here are this weeks scholarship options.Due by Friday.  

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Three girls on college campus.

College options for upcoming senior class

Most seniors already have their college choices picked out. Now, it's time for the junior class of 2011 to start researching college choices. Some juniors already know what colleges they want to go to, but most don't.  There are so . . .

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Two girls looking at a computer screen.

Scholarships are out there

... but you need to apply!

Applying for scholarships takes time, effort and organization, but the results could mean hundreds to thousands of dollars to help you pay for college. Start applying for scholarships in your junior year and continue throughout your . . .

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